Forgiatura Morandini was established by the Morandini Family at the end of the seventies in Cividate Camuno, province of Brescia.
The factory covers an area of 100,000 m². During its forty years of experience it excelled in combining family passion, innovation and quality in the manufacture of open-die forgings made of specialty steel, alloy and stainless steel.
The innovative soul of the Company and its constant commitment to research and technological progress allowed to reach a production capacity of 75,000 tons per year. Forgiatura Morandini is thus able to customize its production mastery to the specific needs of each single customer, from multinational firms to mechanical workshops: the forged items having weights from 100 kg to 250 tons with a minimum diameter of 200 mm up to 6,500 mm and a maximum length of 23,000 mm.
The Company is also leader in the production of rolled items with a maximum weight of 200,000 kg, maximum diameter of 8,000 mm and height of 4,000 mm. Quality is warranted starting from the purchase of raw material, which as matter of principle is vacuum degassed and bought exclusively from qualified steelmakers.